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Insulation Damages Caused by Water

Insulation damages are one aspect of water damage some customers may not be aware of in their homes. Insulation can take a Category 1 water to making it a Category 3 water because when water courses through insulation to the next level of a home --it's not longer safe to the surrounding areas of whatever it has touched. 

Ceiling Damage Caused by Water

When water damage occurs in your home or business one of the areas that can be impacted the most is the ceiling. When floors in an upper part of a home or business have flooded that usually means the ceiling in the other part of the home has flooded too. It is never good when a floor does not dry efficiently, but when a ceiling does not dry it can cause irreversible structural damage. 

Water Damage

This photo show water damage this is unseen. Water damage can hide in plain sight. Underneath this carpet was wet enough that we had to pull the padding and even place some of the carpet squares in a few places. It is always best to call the professionals so we can use the most accurate equipment to make sure water damage does not go untreated. 

Water Damage Aftermath

This photo is the aftermath of water damage in a home that impacted the carpet, the padding, and the concrete underneath. Most of the time when a carpet is wet and the concrete underneath is wet, the padding must be thrown away and replaced to create the best drying situation possible.

Water Damage

This photo demonstrates water damage that has collected underneath a customer's carpet. This shows the tricky side of water damage. It can seem like your carpet is dry, but underneath there can be significant water damage. 

Flooring Impacted by Water Damage

When a water damage sits for too long, it can impact more than the top layer of a structure. In this photo you can see where a water damaged home in Barbourville sat for more than 42 hours before it got called in. This home will need replacement flooring and other reconstruction needs.

Water Damage to Flooring In Somerset

In this home, the water damage was so severe we had to remove the flooring. When water damage occurs and has been sitting for a significant amount of time, the longer it can take to properly dry. 

Water Damage in Stairway of Home

This water damage occurred in the upstairs of a home. The water managed to make its way through the ceiling causing more water damage on the first floor. The photo illustrates how much damage can come from leaving the bathroom, sink, or other water source on in your home. This home in London had to have the flooring removed to adequately dry the area.